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Hello Shark’s Lincoln Halloran has the knack for making the most crushing verses feel heartwarming, simply because his eloquent expression raises the awareness that another human has experienced a similar feeling. September’s Delicate is Hello Shark’s first LP, and it promises to introduce Halloran and his introspective musings aptitude to brand new audiences.

Hello Shark began when a teenage Halloran moved from his home of Massachusetts to Vermont in 2006. He quickly recorded an amateur but heartfelt debut called Book Lungs and began touring the Northeast, slowly building a community web that would stretch to include Owen Ashworth (of Casiotone for the Painfully Alone and Advance Base), Rochester’s Attic Abasement, and the members of Brooklyn collective the Epoch.
A major breakthrough for Hello Shark arrived in July 2011 with the album Break Arms, which was released on New Hampshire label Burst & Bloom. Break Arms is a confessional classic that manages to be melancholy, self-critical, and hopelessly sentimental without hardly ever rising above a quiet murmur. Break Arms marks the first time that Halloran’s penchant for gorgeous and sparse compositions were clearly expressed, and a small but passionate fan base took notice. 2013’s HS forgoes the folky fragility of its predecessor for a bolder, more electric sound. Over the 11 tracks, Halloran comes off as considerably more self-assured though he continues to explore a gentle vulnerability.

Delicate is Hello Shark’s first release since moving to Philadelphia in 2014, as well as the first on Orindal. The change in location, in addition to the two year gap between releases, has manifested itself in an exploration of disco tones and pop production. At recent concerts, Halloran has performed several tracks off Delicate alone with a drum machine. The display has a distinct karaoke vibe: equipped with just a microphone, Halloran seems to mentally erase the crowd and sing from a deep and cool sanctuary within; it makes sense that in 2011 Halloran sang “heaven for me is karaoke.” Fortunately, this purity of expression endure on the final Delicate recordings. Pseudo-title track “Jackson Browne” reads as a tipsy reflection over a barebones beat; the chorus “baby I’m delicate” resembles a late-night disclosure shared beneath blankets with the lights out, when hearts can truly be bared. Later on “Drake Night,” which features vocals from Florist’s Emily Sprague, an encounter at a dance club allows Halloran to revisit a relationship. Floating through Delicate are the vocal and bass work of Free Cake for Every Creature’s Katie Bennett. Bennett offers an ethereal presence to many of the tracks, adding a soft counter-texture to Halloran’s serene warble, perhaps most prominently on the yearning “Fishing for Bats.” On the other hand, songs like “Danny” and “New Jersey” summon the twangy tones of early Hello Shark songs. This is in part due to the recording work of Attic Abasement’s Michael Rheinheimer at his Rochester home (Rheinheimer also recorded Break Arms in Savannah, Georgia). Also contributing to Delicate’s recording are Matthew and Keith Hampson of Philadelphia synth-pop outfit Power Animal.

The music that ends up meaning the most is often not discovered until too late. Nick Drake’s Pink Moon did not become a cult favorite until long after its creator’s death, Arthur Russell’s legacy has only become clear since his passing, and so on. Hello Shark’s Delicate recalls both Drake and Russell, but luckily we are able to experience its beauty in the present.


released September 30, 2016

All songs written by Lincoln Halloran

Tracks 1,8,10,11 recorded by Michael Rheinheimer at Elton Street Space and Mike's House in Rochester, NY
Tracks 3,4,5,6,9 recorded by Matthew Hampson in Philadelphia, PA
Track 2 recorded by Katie Bennett in Philadelphia, PA
Track 11 recorded by Sean M Hood in Burlington, VT
Track 7 recorded by Keith Hampson in Philadelphia, PA

Mixed and mastered by Matthew Hampson

Lincoln Halloran: Vocals, guitar, keyboards, various
Katie Bennett: Bass guitar, backing vocals on 2,5,7
Michael Rheinheimer: Drums, bass, keyboards on 1, 8, 10, 11, backing vocals on 10
Matthew Hampson: Drums, bass on 3, 4, 5, drum machines on 9
Christopher Clark: Drums on 6
Emily Sprague: Backing vocals on 9
Jenny Mudarri: Backing vocals on 11

Cover photo by TJ Strohmer


all rights reserved



Orindal Records Chicago, Illinois

Records & tapes by Moon Racer,
Dear Nora,
Gia Margaret, Friendship,
Greg Jamie,
Robert Stillman,
Karima Walker,
Hello Shark,
Nicholas Krgovich,
Julie Byrne,
Gordon Ashworth, Concern,
Advance Base
& Casiotone for the Painfully Alone
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Track Name: Alligator
We drove till we got lost
parked at a park
saw those Frisbees that glow in the dark
til they stop little hearts
I know it will cave
like grapes in a microwave
the morning is so far away
I spent all of my tomorrow’s yesterday

You have the biggest mouth
and the biggest eyes I’ve ever seen
yer an alligator see ya later
that’s why when I look you look you look the other way
and when you look back
its just the same same same
it’s when I wanna hold you
until you feel the same same way
Track Name: Danny
I know it’s late but I can’t get you out of my head
just yet gotta do some grieving
you always said that true love is to fear
what you feel will never come back again
but I’ll be home for Christmas day
and I will stay for Danny's play
I don’t care what you say
I can't sing as good as him
and I know its late but I can’t get you out of my head
just gotta do some grieving
you always said that true love
is to fear that what you feel
will never come back again
Track Name: Jackson Browne
Baby I’m delicate
I don’t wanna quit
baby you tour like Jackson Browne
but yer worth all of it
baby I’m delicate
I don’t wanna quit
baby you tour like Jackson Browne
but yer worth all of it
moved out of the city
but I can still see the buildings
when the leaves fall off the trees
I got a one bedroom with two windows
that the sun looks right into
I don’t know what else to say
been living in a cave
I saw the light too late
I saw the light I saw the light
but I saw it too late
tried moving on from all that we did
cuz it takes so much and I always panic
yer always working at yer mom’s salon
you weren't a wrecking ball
but you came out pretty strong
stay with me and I will manage
I’ll keep you from all that’s damaged
if not its all good make it understood
that when you call I won’t answer it
cuz I just cant handle it
baby I’m delicate
I don’t wanna quit
baby you tour like Jackson Browne
but yer worth all of it
baby I’m delicate
I don’t wanna quit
baby you tour like Jackson Browne
but yer worth all of it
Track Name: Big Game
Getting ready for the big game
It’s gonna be just like the last game
you smell like a bon fire
even after it rained
I’ll give you a ride to Julie's
yer gonna watch some movies
you rode in the back seat
like you were riding in a taxi
thought you were mad at me
it’s been taking so long
it’s been taking so long
it’s been taking so long
for you to love me and not be scared to
Track Name: Wish We Talked Still
We are as boring as biblical stories
cigarettes at eight in the mornin'
I know how you get
when you haven't had one yet
I think I’ll move to New Hampshire
cuz I don't mind the weather
be a guest but have a bed to rest

Anna in Arizona
Joshua in Santa Barbara
see Gabriel you know I miss him like hell
but I haven't seen Michael in a while
oh I miss those southern smiles
wish we talked still
Track Name: New Car
You got a new car
thought you would drive away
got too tired and drove it off the highway
do you miss me too?
cuz I’ll I wanna do
is hide away not separate
like we always do
so if you could give a
one thousandth of a fuck
I would give you all of what I’ve got
would that be enough?
Track Name: Fishing for Bats
Woke up late from the rain
Couldn’t hear a bird sing
sounded like a waterfall
even though they sound the same
last night we fished for bats
on the roof of your hotel
too much wine
lots track of time
and threw things out the window

Woke up with wine all over me
bled through my floral sheets
the lilies turned to lavenders
and that’s when you know its time to leave
but that’s fine I don't mind these days
when you gotta drive through three states
and it’s snowing hard with the heater on
just hoping you know that
you aren't my only regret
I’m just trying to hide it

Remember when we used to build nests
out of tooth picks and cherry stems
bottle caps and napkins
at the bar or in a bed
of DVDs and blankets
higher than a preachers kid
reminders are aching on
and every day is just the same
but you aren't my only regret
I’m just still trying to hide it
Track Name: New Jersey
Come with me to New Jersey
to grab some things at my families
and I will drive if you DJ
cuz only you can make it pretty to me
but oh you've got knives in your eyes
and they kill sometimes
oh they are monstrous of size
and they block the light

But we can eat and watch TV
my dad will fight and my mom will read
my brother is home to save money
he's gotta big heart but he barely says a thing
and I’ll want you to hold me the whole time
but I’ll try to smile
and I’ll promise to wait to cry
till we get back tonight
at the finish line
Track Name: Drake Night
I was only trying to push you away
after I found out you were leaving
so it would be easier to take
and half the time you're half awake
and count how many times it takes
to call you just to know that you're ok
I saw you the other night
at the dance club it was drake night
and even in the dark
you were lit up like the moonlight
every time I dream of you
you are at you're old place on south union avenue
where I stayed for about a week or two
don't fear the grim reaper
he's just a little crush
that you've never touched
if you wanted to there is nothing I could do
Track Name: Laugh It Off
Why'd you laugh it off when I said I was in love with you
why'd you laugh it off it was the hardest thing that I could do
now I spend every day thinking how you might feel the same
I stay up so late just from that look you gave
I only care at all because I know you are with someone new
sitting in costumes on Friday on the afternoon
I feel calm when you call
but know I know you can’t be there
when you're living in you're car

but if you wanna believe
that you'd come around to show that
everything is coming for a fall
and if you think you know it
or you'd come around to show that
everything you've waited for
is not coming at all
Track Name: Last Summer
We went swimming in the lake
with too much to drink
I lost my glasses
you drove me home in my car
with not much on but I didn't mind it
you're going back to school
when you do I will call you

We went walking on the lake
over winter break and we barely lasted
drove me home in your car with country songs
I didn’t mind it
lakes aren’t always blue
I don’t know what else to tell you
Track Name: A Wife
By the water you and I
everything is dancing
with you and I
if you ever want to run away
I would run too

Firecrackers in the sky
they just remind me of the summer time
and if you ever want to be with me
I would love to

Cuz everything in this town is blowing up
everyone in this town won’t shut up
just take my hand and help me through the dark

Someday I’ll be a wife
have a place to live
lots of lights through the windows
a kaleidoscope of summers
and watch the lights glow from the window

Why are you so far away from me
we can be so noisy
even when we don't say a thing
even when we don't say a thing

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